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Dimitri Dutch X Calliou\r
Good Job Very Good Job\r
Ima full blown mental case\r
With some velcro tape \r
strapped around like a welterweight\r
She melt face, with a gaze astounding \r
and your the kind shirt tucked in\r
like a goverment \r
first date childish anxiety,\r
your got that tail in between your legs\r
I hell to pay cause im throwed till drained\r
and YOUR case manquien in an elephants cage\r
bitch, im sweeter than sugarcane\r
snake skin strippin, your in cellophane \r
I want fame … i wont lie , ill huey newton \r
put that burner on madoch ruperts \r
lead that freedom, martin luther \r
black panther party, im just looking for a cougar \r
high as an eifel, hotter than lucifer\r
dick is a rifle, just bout to shoot ya\r
got that \r
First round draft pick\r
let this tele promt this \r
ill roll that bob dylan\r
And blow some eric von schmidt\r
IM all about dreaming, and seeking\r
and leaving them speech less\r
have the faith to leap off the cliff and land flat on your face\r
CHillin with caullio\r
and chloe and billy and joel\r
and miley, and cyrus, swallowing all of my soul\r
Bombing that marilyn down to monroe\r
and flossin so honest, on that yellowbrick road

tafbutton blue16 DIRTY CAILLOU


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