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We have a lot of coyotes, bobcats, and cougars here. Outdoor cats don’t last long.
[] Vegan cat food?

I don’t get that. My wife is a rabid vegan (since she was 14) but she also understands her cat is not vegan, and never will be.

[] TIL the only languages are French and English
It’s Arabic for “I swear to god”
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[] The Antichrist line doesn’t carry much weight with me. And the other stuff you mentioned is also not really true or relevant about Obama. Why can’t we just judge him based on actual policy? You don’t have to like the guy, but there’s plenty of actual information to base your opinion on without turning to debunked rumors from. Perhaps I’m misinterpreting your tone.
[] The “ozone”? That’s what my girlfriend calls my bedroom!
[] Should have invoked breaking bad.
[] Fuck resorts, customers are fucking Einstein if you compare to customers from a cruise ship. I actually had a dude calling me asking why was his room shacking.
[] Mate you can’t argue with stupid.
[] Yeah, I haven’t even drank any coffee or anything X_X this is a full time job! It seems like the comments are picking up again instead of dying off.
[] Looks like the cliffs from assassin’s creed black flag
[] A friend gave me like 15 boxes of farfalle before he moved. Now it’s pretty much my favorite pasta. The crimp in the center allows for a range of donenesses instead of only one single texture throughout. The shape and surface texture holds even hearty sauces in. I challenge anyone to find a better pasta!
[] The water temperature is 29.65 F / -1.30 C. It’s so cold it hurts.
[] There are plenty of local city ordinances all across the country that ban it. Thats city laws may be unconstitutional but no one from the state literaly gives a fuck to challenge it.

Please, go to San Bernardino, California and try walking around topless as a woman. If the rapists and criminals dont get you first the cops sure will.
I remember her storming past me in the living room

[] They will accept whoever the media tells them won. They will be terrified of being viewed as a bad citizen, a conspiracy theorists, and vehemently argue in support of their dear leader, as they swear loyalty to his paymasters and whip themselves up into a nationalistic frenzy before events.
[] What a fun fact!
[] He wrote “good” shows.
[] well, if she is asking HER north is true.
[] Sometimes you come across people, particularly at work, where you would LOVE to tell them how much of a twat they are, but they can’t. So on behalf of all the people who have to deal with you on a daily basis let me say this, you are a total and utter fucking moron.
[] dammit, i thought i could resist, i now have to know… are you being srcastic?
[] “Is this a furniture store?”

“Uh… video game lounge”
[] You look fabulous too. Great effort!
[] If white reflects all/the most light, and so do mirrors, why don’t they look the same?

Sounds stupid, but it actually isn’t. The answer is that they reflect the light in a different way btw, mirrors ‘bounce’ light in a predictable direction, white objects scatter light.
[] As someone who used to be an Objectivist: Ayn Rand’s works did liberate me in the sense that I started caring more about forming my own opinions and standing up for myself.

However, it also dragged me into depression and isolation. Yes, you should value your own opinions and feelings, but be careful with trusting Objectivism. Objectivism is extremely idealistic (and unrealistic). It tells you to not only try to be a flawless person (next to impossible), but also that society should be flawless (completely impossible).

I started realizing that Objectivism was wrong when I was close to committing suicide. I also realized that all my complaints about how the state was based on violence were stupid, because violence is inherent – not to the system – but to civilization itself. There is no such thing as non-violence. Only literal violence, the threat of violence and even more abstracted violence (and, of course, submission to violence). The state is not the Lex Luthor to your Superman. The state is the Cthulu to your amoeba. You can’t win against it and you can’t fight it. You can either live with it or suffer an endless defeat. I chose to live with it.


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